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Social Responsibility

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drustvena-odgovornostFor Galenika a.d, corporate social responsibility represents a permanent dedication to ethical behavior in the market and continuous contribution to economic development, followed by improvement of lives of employees, their families, community and society in general. By operating in this manner, we maintain the balance between economic and social goals of the company.

For Galenika a.d, corporate social responsibility surpasses the narrow views that see it as a PR tool for improving company’s reputation within the society. Galenika a.d. takes an extra step and, in accordance with the "National Strategy for Development and Promotion of Corporate Social Responsibility in the Republic of Serbia", creates an additional value in the society, economy and environment thus contributing to the entire society. Also, by clearly differentiating corporate philanthropy and simple law abiding behavior from corporate social responsibility, Galenika a.d. incorporates the latter in overall business strategy of the company and in that way provides for its years of continuity.

Apart from supporting numerous actions initiated by others, such as local self-governments and civil society organizations, we also initiate, develop and enforce our own socially responsible projects. This way, instead of being spontaneous, our actions are part of strategy the broadest framework of which are the United Nations’ Millennium Development Goals. Due to this, Galenika a.d. is mostly involved in the following areas of corporate social responsibility: occupational health and safety, continuous education of employees, caring for health of community where we operate, caring for the youth, protection of children, development of science, education and sports, environment protection, and promotion of ethical business standards. With quality realization of projects, Galenika a.d directly promotes and raises awareness of broader social community on corporate social responsibility issues. Likewise, it is important to emphasize that Galenika a.d. is one of the few companies with experts exclusively in charge of corporate social responsibility issues.

All aspects of socially responsible operation of Galenika a.d. have the same objective – a wish to provide help and support to social development of Serbia, while always pursuing health.