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obrazovanjeGalenika a.d. owes its position of the oldest and largest pharmaceutical company in the region primarily to its innovative attitude towards education, science and new technologies. It is a reason why corporate social responsibility, particularly development of education in our narrow scientific field, has our full attention. Galenika a.d contributes to this important segment primarily through activities of its Institute, and then through development of all employees and practical training of students of faculties and vocational high schools. Permanent cooperation with educational institutions is reflected in numerous professional visits from the entire Serbia.  Likewise, in cooperation with student associations we organize summer vocational practice for students from all over the world. We had the pleasure to host, apart from others, students from France, Portugal, Brazil, Poland, Finland and regional countries as part of these programs.

The essence of vocational visits is practical introduction to processes studied in theory in order to contribute to better understanding of complicated manufacturing processes in pharmaceutical industry. This way Galenika a.d. represents a guide to future young experts for their further professional orientation.