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Employee Policy

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     Click to see results of internal HR research: Job Satisfaction in Galenika a.d.

Social responsibility of Galenika a.d. is primarily reflected in the care for our employees shown on many levels. Having human oriented, ethical and quality human resources management, we provide excellent work conditions, which by rule include human rights, equal treatment of all employees, health and occupational protection, and continuous education. Our employees also participate in managing the company and decision making processes.

Galenika a.d. adopted the Collective Agreement, which regulates each form of help and support to employees.

Occupational health and safety are, above all, one of the fundamental human rights, because only healthy and safe work environment enables productive work and life. Implementation of prevention principle presents an essential novelty and includes active measures for elimination of potential risks of injuries or occupational illnesses. Preventive measures are applied in all stages of work processes: procedures of designing, manufacturing, utilization and maintenance of work equipment, protective equipment and hazardous materials.

Galenika a.d. organizes continual health checks for persons who are employed or will be employed on assignments with higher degree of risk, as well as periodical checks within their careers. Also, a certain number of employees is trained to provide first aid, and there is an infirmary on production site working in three shifts with its own ambulance vehicle. Every employee at Galenika a.d. has a right to use daily organized transportation by company buses, restaurant within production site and appropriate theoretical and practical training for tasks he/she performs. Taking care of our employees is always one of the most important aspects of our corporate social responsibility, because the motivation of our employees, their satisfaction, improvement and development are, apart from personal progress, also the company’s progress.