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Galenika a.d. Site Terms of Use

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All visitors accessing and using the Galenika a.d. website are deemed to agree to each of the conditions set forth herein.

This website and any information provided herein is intended to be used solely and exclusively for informational and educational purposes. Descriptions of individual products on this website contain only basic information. Descriptions of each individual product on this website is provided based on instructions for use, officially approved by the Ministry of Health of Serbia, which are supplied inside the packaging of the medicinal product. The information contained herein is not intended, under any circumstances, to replace the information presented on the declaration of the product, physician’s instructions to a patient, or instructions for treatment provided by a pharmacist or any other health care professional. Galenika a.d. hereby particularly stresses that patients must consult their physician or a health care professional prior to the use of any product presented on this website, and Galenika a.d shall in no way be responsible for the use of a product contrary to instructions received from these individuals.

Galenika a.d shall endeavor to ensure that all the information contained on this website is accurate and up-to-date. However, Galenika a.d. does not make any warranties as to the accuracy and completeness of the information provided, nor does it assume any resposiblity thereof. Users shall use the contents published on this website solely at their own risk. Galenika a.d. does not assume any responsibility with respect to any damage to user’s computer equipment as a result of use of this site.

Galenika a.d retians the right to include on its site links to other sites, as deemed appropriate. However, Galenika a.d. is not, and shall not be, resposible for the contents of those sites.

All information, graphic presentations and product names on this site are protected by copyright or industrial property rights. Any unlawfull use of this information, presentations or product names not appropriately approved by Galenika a.d., Galenika a.d. shall treat as infringement of its rights and shall undertake all available legal measures to sanction persons responsible for such ingringement. Information provided on this website may be used for educational, scientific and non-commercial purposes, providing that the source of information is named and Galenika a.d. as its sole owner.

Any information provided to Galenika a.d. by users of its site though the Internet or via electronic mail shall not be considered confidential information and Galenika a.d. retains the right to further distribute, use or include such information on its site.

Galenika a.d. retains the right to amend or remove any information provided on this website, at any time, at its sole discretion and without prior notice.