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History of the Institute

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istorijat-institutaHaving mastered the production of penicillin, streptomycin, chloramphenicol, novalgyn, biophyl, mercury oxide, silver nitrate and KLIRIT (acrylic glass), Galenika a.d. joined the club of well-known pharmaceutical and chemical manufacturers and was recognized by prominent experts. One of them, Selman A. Waxman, Nobel Prize winner for medicine, who discovered streptomycin, visited Galenika a.d. in August 1959, giving it credit for achieved results. That same year, Expert Club was established consisting of 5 Sections: Galenic and Processing, Chemical and Technological, Microbiological, Analytical and Legal. 

The management of Galenika a.d. attributed great importance to scientific and research work putting its efforts to put it into the right place, and to provide quality human resources and optimal working conditions. This was taken care of at every transformation and regulatory change, very frequent at that time. In 1960, and especially in 1961, when this activity was harmonized with the Scientific Work Act, Galenika a.d. reorganized its research and development by establishing the Development Laboratory for scientific research to deal with organic and pharmaceutical chemistry. Having kept the pace with trends in science and society, as of 2007 Galenika a.d. is recorded into the registry for innovative businesses at the Ministry for Science and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia as R&D Center. This has given it the opportunity to participate in national and international R&D projects.