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Biopharm 2009

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Biopharm symposium 2009, titled “Influence of Formulation Variables on Drug Bioavailability”, was held on October 22nd, 2009, on the Kolarac National University in Belgrade. The second symposium, with international participation, was organised by the Pharmaceutical Faculty, under the sponsorship of leading pharmaceutical companies in Serbia, while Galenika a.d had a special role in organisation and preparations.

Various topics related to current trends in industrial pharmacy were presented by distinguished lecturers from abroad and domestic eminent experts at this gathering. The guest lecture, titled „Post approval changes and drug bioavailability: industrial perspective“, by the authors Homsek I., Petrovic Lj., Ivic B., about a very popular topic referring to obtaining marketing authorisation approvals: new product registration and registration renewal of the preparations already in the market, has attracted a great interest of the colleagues attending the symposium.

Associates of the Institute for Research and Development of Galenika a.d. gave a significant contribution to the gathering with five expert publications presented within poster section:

  1. „Contribution to the Biopharmaceutical Characterization of Antibiotics: Cefaclor“, by the authors Spasic A., Kutlaca V., Trajkovic S., Homsek I.
  2. „Influence of Different Organic Solvents on the Active Principle Release in the Formulation of Antibiotic Powder for Oral Suspension“, by the authors Pesic J., Ivic B., Pavlovic B., Prazic-Arsic Lj., Nadoveza A., Dzeletovic M., Maric Lj
  3. „Optimisation of Metronidazole Tablet Formulation using Experimental Design“ by the authors Ivanovic N., Ivic B., Trajkovic S., Cvetkovic N.
  4. „Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis of the Powder Mixture using NIR Spectroscopy“, by the authors Maric LJ., Dzeletovic D., Trajkovic S, Homsek I.
  5. „Influence of the Film-Coating on the Release of Acetylsalicylic Acid from Gastrointestinal Tablets”, by the authors Vujisic M., Homsek I., Trajkovic S., Cvetkovic N.

The presented publications include results related to the development of new products and analytical methods, by applying modern techniques, statistical design and in silico methods, which are very important in pharmaceutical technology today in general.