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ParafarmacijaProper diet and healthy way of life are priceless. However, the dynamics of modern life and daily stress subject us to numerous negative factors of the environment we live in. This is why preparations improving the quality of life and giving people a possibility to lead a healthy life, despite various risks to their health coming from modern way of living, have a prominent position in product portfolio of Galenika a.d.


Keeping up with the drug market requirements, where increased need for self-therapy, additional therapy and use of dietary supplements with healthy population are noticeable, Galenika a.d. continued to develop its portfolio of dietary supplements by which it has been known for with largest group of consumers. Some products belonging to this group have become a powerful brand and trademark of Galenika a.d. Prospects of this program and potential for its development are great considering the position of modern medicine that with proper and timely intake of biologically valuable components serious illnesses could be prevented.


Parapharmaceuticals portfolio has three groups of preparations intended for prevention and self-therapy – dietary supplements, medical dressings and general purpose devices.


Production facility for dietary supplements, in accordance with all requirements for this type of production, has been arranged, which was confirmed by obtaining ISO 9001 and HACCP certificates.


Medical dressings production was harmonized with requirements of ISO 9001 and ISO 13485, which was confirmed by German auditing company TÜV SÜD in 2009.


In the beginning of April we successfully completed the first quality system audit done by the same company, which proved that certified quality system is being successfully maintained.