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Environment Protection

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Having been harmonizing its operations with increasingly complex challenges imposed by domestic and foreign competition, as a responsible company, Galenika a.d. has been successfully realizing and enforcing environment protection measures. These measures are increasingly demanding due to harmonization of legislation from that area with regulations of the EU and enforcement of national Waste Management Strategy for the period 2010 - 2019.

Environment Protection Policy of Galenika a.d. is based on generally accepted principles relevant to the waste management planning procedure:

  • Prevention – through development of method for reduction of produced waste volumes provides preservation of natural resources.
  • Precaution – implementation of which creates prerequisite for reduction of waste impact on health of people and environment.
  • "Waste Producer Pays" – forces environment polluters to bear expenses and responsibility for their actions.
  • Proximity – instructs adequate handling of waste materials to be realized as closer to the place of their origin.
  • Waste Management Hierarchy – represents order of priorities in this activity. Prevention and reduction of waste production, reuse of products for same or other purpose, recycling, i.e. waste treatment for obtaining raw materials for production of same or other products, used energy and other values of waste, are all fundamental elements for application of this principle.

It should be emphasized that by applying these principles in environment protection and waste management, Galenika a.d. makes economic profit expressed in cost reduction for storage, handling, transport, treatment and final disposal of waste materials.

As primary and basic activity of Galenika a.d, drug manufacturing, i.e. producing materials at a higher, more complex level starting from raw materials and by using necessary accompanying activities such as transport, storage, distribution, quality monitoring, development and other activities, generates numerous types of waste that could be led under:

  • Industrial, mainly pharmaceutical waste,
  • Special waste flows,
  • Commercial waste,
  • Communal waste.

These types of waste can fall under categories of hazardous of non-hazardous waste, must be specially collected, stored, kept and handled through adequate waste management system.

In order to achieve that, we restructured the Environment Protection Department within the Safety Division, and in the first half of 2010 we created Waste Management Plan, that significantly improved prerequisites for:

  • Following legal regulations,
  • Reducing potential risks for environment and health of people to acceptable level,
  • Minimization of waste production,
  • Application of waste transformation procedure, i.e. its conversion, which increases system efficiency and obtaining new recyclable materials,
  • Constant improvements of waste management system,
  • Creating a positive image and good relations with interested parties, through public availability of information, as well as by participating in application of National Strategy in the Zemun municipality, to have the public be involved in decision making process on issues relevant for their environment and health.

By maintaining a proper record on places of origin, types and quantities of generated waste and reporting to competent authorities, apart from identification of flows of different types of waste, Environment Protection Department of Galenika a.d. has created basis for its optimization, i.e. minimization in accordance with waste management hierarchy principles.

Galenika a.d. is strongly dedicated to the concept of clean manufacturing, which implies more rational use of raw materials, water and energy, substitute of hazardous raw materials with ecologically more acceptable ones and reduction of quantities and toxicity of waste materials emission into water, air and earth.

In accordance with legal requirements, Environment Protection Department enforces regular monitoring of waste materials emissions and imissions into water and air, and results of these measurements confirmed that all manufacturing processes at Galenika a.d. are being performed in accordance with regulatory standards for environment protection.

Within its organizational unit, Environment Protection Department is implementing a management system in accordance with ISO 14001 standard, by which it will:

  • Establish an appropriate Environment Protection Policy,
  • Identify aspects of environment, primarily direct, i.e. relevant,
  • Identify legal requirement applicable to its own activities,
  • Set priorities in its operation, through defining of general and special objectives. As part of Environment Protection Department, there is  Department for DDD (Disinfection, Fumigation and Pest Control), which daily implements actions for pest control and prevention, as well as actions of regular monitoring of regulated activities in accordance with strict requirements of GMP and HACCP.