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Blood Donors Association

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udruzenje-davalacaBlood Donors Association of Galenika a.d, located in Zemun, Batajnicki drum bb, was registered at the Ministry of Public Administration and Local Self Government on May 10, 2007. Persons authorized to represent Blood Donors Association of Galenika a.d. are Bratislav Jovic and Verica Ciric, the President of the Association. The membership has some 700-800 donors with tendency of further growth. Our association became a member of Blood Donors Federation of the Republic of Serbia, and our representatives hold positions in the Executive Board and the Court of Honor of the Federation.

The Association is a voluntary, non-partisan, humanitarian organization of blood donors, founded in order to solve problems and further popularize blood donation.

The goals and assignments of the association are the following:

  • organization of blood donation events,

  • cooperation with similar humanitarian organizations in the country and abroad, particularly with the Red Cross of Serbia and municipal and city organizations in areas where Galenika a.d. operates,

  • cooperation with ministries of health, labor and employment, keeping pace with legal and other regulations in general, advocating implementation of the latest regulations in order to improve the general status of blood donors and their organizations, maintaining the existing and establishing new rights,

  • development of solidarity and cooperation among blood donors, etc.

We successfully cooperate with all services for blood transfusion, especially with the Blood Transfusion Department Zemun. Each year we organize about 6 events, four of which in cooperation with Zemun department. All events are successful and with large number of blood units collected.

Every December we traditionally organize the open event to which we invite guests from many cities of Serbia, the Republic of Srpska, Macedonia and Montenegro. In such an event we collect over 180 units of blood. We are also replying to all individual calls for help and we organize sending of our donors to transfusion services where they are needed.

"Understanding and support of Galenika a.d. management headed by general manager are at a very high level, which gives our work an additional strength and zeal and contributes to higher and better involvement of donors in organizing and providing help to the injured ones and those who need our help", says Verica Ciric, the President of the Association.