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Director General of Galenika a.d. is appointed by the Supervisory Board.
Other members of strategic management are appointed by the Director General.
The members are:

  1. Mr. Ricardo Vian Marques, General Manager
  2. Ms. Natasa Mamula, Executive Director for Production and Quality
  3. Ms. Jelena Parojcic, Executive Director of Human Resources
  4. Mr. Diego Cassimiro de Oliveira, Executive Director for Financial Management and Reporting
  5. Mr. Nenad Mijailovic, Executive Director for Finance
  6. Mr. Dragan Grbic, Executive Director of Engineering
  7. Mr. Milorad Ilic, Executive Director for Investment Projects and International Business Development
  8. Ms. Vesna Vukoje, Drug Plant Director
  9. Ms. Dragana Bozic Kozurik, Solid Dosage Forms Plant Director
  10. Ms. Ljiljana Stojanovic, Materials Management in Manufacturing Division Director
  11. Mr. Nenad Mirkovic, Director of Commercial Affairs
  12. Ms. Aleksandra Masic, Development and Regulatory Affairs Division Director
  13. Mr. Branimir Sredic, Procurement Division Director
  14. Ms. Aleksandra Mitic, Legal Affairs Division Director
  15. Mr. Milos Nikolic, Information Technologies (IT) Division Director
  16. Ms. Olivera Zdravkovic, Human Resources Division Director
  17. Ms. Milena Pjescic, Logistics Division Director
  18. Ms. Aleksandra Markovic, QI Division Director
  19. Mr. Milos Marinkovic, QC Division Director