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Mission, Vision & Goals

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vizija-cilj-misijaThrough its long-standing tradition, Galenika's mission has always been to improve the quality of all aspects of life by improving people€™s health. Galenika has been successfully performing its mission for more than 60 years, showing full responsibility both towards its customers and its employees, as well as towards the society in general.

Our company's objective is not only to be fully responsive to the needs of our consumers, but also to constantly strive towards achieving higher and better quality. Our goal is to stay the best, maintain our leading position and prove our prestige through the quality of our products.

Galenika's vision is to follow the principles of humanism in successfully promoting product quality, thus improving the health of each individual.

The primary goal of Galenika is to help people feel better and live longer and healthier lives. We are not content with fulfilling only what is expected from us, we always strive to achieve even more. Our objective is to help those in need!

With a strategy focused on elementary values, trust and responsibility to patients, consumers, employees, partners, as well as the community in which we live and work, setting and implementing quality standards, our goal is to invent, develop and improve medicines for many diseases prevention and treatment, contributing to a healthier life.