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Generic name:Condensation silicone impression material of high viscosity
Dosage and packaging:Box with 1 kg of paste, measuring spoon
Indications or usage:Impression material is used:
  • base impression in two-step impression technique;
  • base impression with free space for correction paste;
  • impression of individual teeth for the preparation of temporary crowns;
  • anatomic impression.
  • Characteristics:
  • simple dosing;
  • optimal working time;
  • prominent dimensional stability of impression.
  • Paste/Tube

    Generic name:Condensation silicone impression material of low viscosity.
    Dosage and packaging:Tube with 155 ml of corrective paste
    Indications or usage:Corrective impression material in combination with GALESIL C Kit impression material.
  • easy and simple application;
  • precise impression in subgingival region;
  • cost-effective.

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