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Galenika a.d continues its successful cooperation with prestigous Cuban institutes

Galenika a.d. representatives, Assit.Prof. Dragan Dincic, MD, Head of the MMA Cardiology Clinic and member of the Board of Directors, Snezana Stevanovic, MD, Assitant Director Marketing and Sales, and Jelena Ognjenovic, M.Pharm., Head of Regulatory Affairs, organised in the period of May 14-23, 2010 the visit of leading experts from the Republic of Serbia to Cuban institutes with which Galenika a.d. is negotiating future cooperation. Members of the visiting delagation were also professor at the Faculty of Medicine in Belgrade Lazar Davidovic, PhD (Head of the Clinic of Vascular and Endovascular Surgery, Serbian Clinical Center) and primarius Aleksandar Adamovic, MD (Director of the City Institute for Skin Research and Venereal Diseases).


Representatives of Galenika a.d. at the Home for Children Without Parental Care

Representatives of Galenika a.d. celebrated the St. Sava Day at the Home for Children Without Parenteral Care "Drinka Pavlović"


An International Course for Dental Technicians

A 1st Category International Course “Contemporary Esthetic Trends“ intended for those dental technicians striving towards superior esthetics in dental restorations and wishing to expand their knowledge, was organized by the „Association of Nurses, Technicians and Midwives of Serbia“ and by Galenika a.d. as the host. The course was attended by 250 participants.


Hajde da se igramo velikih

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Na početku 2007 godine započeli smo veliku humanitarnu akciju pod nazivom "Galenika i mališani - HAJDE DA SE IGRAMO VELIKIH" zajedno sa svim predškolskim ustanovama i osnovnim školama u Srbiji.