Galenika’s portfolio numbers over 250 products and includes prescription drugs, parapharmaceuticals, and dental products.

Major part of the product range is prescription drugs, covering 13 out of 14 groups of the ATC classification system. These groups of medicines, provided in a variety of pharmaceutical forms, doses, and packages, are suitable for a wide range of indications.

Parapharmaceuticals include products intended for prevention and self-medication - OTC drugs, dietary supplements, general purpose devices, and medicinal devices.

Galenika a.d. is the only pharmaceutical company in Serbia offering the products intended for dental practitioners.

Galenika a.d. succeeded in creating numerous brands through continuous selection and modernisation of the product range, and through cooperation with license partners as well as with professionals and general public. Prilazid®, Bensedin®, Sinacilin®, Oligovit®, and Beviplex® are only some of Galenika’s brands that should be mentioned. In their urge to follow current global trends in pharmacotherapy, Galenika’s professional teams are constantly involved in introducing new products that would meet the needs of the market, keep the desired high quality, and at the same time promote their company’s development and growth.